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Terry Towels


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The right terry towels for the right purpose! At A&B Wiper, we know that precision matters to your business. So we constantly search the globe to get you exactly what you need. Working with our coast-to-coast network of distributors, we also make sure that you get your wholesale terry towels promptly, and at the best possible price!

A&B Wiper supplies a full range of wholesale terry towels, from our Halo Gold first-quality towels, to our Eclipse Bronze institutional wholesale towels lines. 

Halo Gold Terry Towels

Our Halo Gold first-quality wholesale terry towels line is specifically geared toward buyers who demand superior quality. Each item has been selected to deliver consistent performance. We stock a select line of terry towels, focused on the most popular items for customers who require consistency and quality in every towel.

Eclipse Towels

Our extensive lines of slightly irregular Eclipse Towels are collected from high-end textile mills, around the globe, and deliver 20-40% savings over their first-quality equivalents. We have developed terrific relationships with mills around the world. Stock is purchased on an “open order” basis, which gives us the purchasing power to pass the value directly to you.

  • Eclipse Towels (Best irregular): These carton-packed ring-spun towels are bright white, soft, and can be used right out of the box. Please check our current inventories on this line, as we move large quantities frequently.
  • Eclipse Silver (Better irregular): Each set of 16 single open-end institutional wholesale towels is made for mid-level institutional customers. The terry towels have a bright white appearance, are made with open-end yarn, and are bale packed. These wholesale terry towels will have a brighter, softer look and feel, compared to our Eclipse Bronze (economy) line of terry towels. It’s recommended that institutional wholesale towels be washed prior to use.
  • Eclipse Bronze (Good irregular): If you need good, dependable institutional wholesale towels, Eclipse Bronze terry towels will fit the bill perfectly. Each set is  comprised of 10 single terry towels made with open yarn. These institutional wholesale towels are packed in bales. Ideal for health care facilities, government institutions, and as complimentary towels for pools and gyms, these wholesale terry towels are heavily discounted, compared to first-quality terry towels, and provide outstanding value to you and your customer.
  • Eclipse Bales: We stock bales of our Eclipse Towels for easier bulk shipments. These wholesale terry towels are the same quality as the carton-packed Eclipse Towels, but are compressed, to create more cost-effective shipments. Be sure to wash bale-packed wholesale terry towels, prior to use.